July of last year I made a resolution to complete 10 things in 3 years. As I look back on the last year I’m surprised to know that I’ve actually, kind of, sort of, worked on a few of those things. I’ll post them here and add some comments regarding progress.  It’s always good to review.

1. Learn to have better penmanship – I have been practicing my cursive when I’m writing in my bible study. I think it’s improved a lot, at least to the point of being legible. It’s still habit to start writing in sloppy print, so I’m hoping to get rid of that entirely eventually.
2. Run a mile in under 10 minutes – I just hired a personal trainer. I’ll work up to this, I hope.
3. Improve my wardrobe to include more “polished” pieces that fit me better – Not a priority to me really anymore. I’d probably replace this with “Have more church clothes, practice modesty.”
4. Own a comfortable pair of high heels – I’m actually pretty sure they don’t exist! But I might try after I get down a few pounds and get some better balance.
5. Find a home church – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Legacy Fellowship is my temporary Home away from my Eternal Home. It’s pretty awesome.
6. Learn to give myself a good manicure/pedicure – I wouldn’t quite say I’m there yet, but I have been making progress on this too!
7. Be debt free – Only $7385.31 left!
8. Take a fantastic trip somewhere, anywhere – I’m pretty sure my trip to New York in August will count!
9. Learn Spanish enough to have a conversation with a native speaker comfortably – Erm, I have not even started on this.
10. Find 2 new friends in Austin that I can “connect” with – I’m definitely connecting with members of my church.

Wow. I’m actually pretty impresse with myself! Crossed one thing off the list already! Woo!  And well on my way to crossing off several more.  How does one go about learning a foreign language as an adult?