This week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week throughout the nation.  Cities everywhere are recognizing the work of the 911 dispatcher.  My city that I work for is no different.  This week, I was honored to be at the City Council meeting when our Mayor read the proclimation about the cities recognition of our hard work.

Often, we are not in this job because of the money or the benefits, but because it is our calling.  I have known for some time that I would never love another job in quite the same way I love my current job.  911 is the best way for me to help my community – by being a “silent hero” as they call us, but really by being there for citizens in need.  By protecting my officers and firefighters from harm.  It’s an honor to have the job, and an honor to have stood up with so many great people at the City Council meeting.  So without further ado, I wanted to share a picture taken there that was also on the front page of the cities website (you can click on it for a bigger picture).

Me and important people at the City Council meeting
(L-R) Fire Chief, Dispatch Supervisor, Mayor, Communications Manager, Me (Jennet!), Police Chief, and our Support Services Captain.

Like I said, it was an honor to be up there.  They even let me hold the proclimation! Woo!