The new Dragonball: Evolution movie came out today and the reviews are exactly as we expected: lame, lame, lame.  Justin and I will still probably go see it for several reasons.  We often disagree with reviewers, and we want to support the franchise.  But I’m a little scared.  Dragonball was Justin’s favorite show growing up, and he’s more than a little like the main character Goku.  So he might cry if it’s as bad as they say.

Also, for those of you who are baseball fans: DUDE. The Texas Rangers totally spanked my Indians.  I’m really heartbroken, but happy for the Rangers fans.  The Indians play the Bluejays today who have won most of their games so far so…. I’m hopeful.  Maybe they just needed to get their game faces on.  I’d love to see them do good this season!

And the Astros… who knows? They can never make up their mind how they want to do 🙂 But they’ve actually won a few… so we’ll see.  It’s early yet.

Next week I get to go to 2 baseball games. 2!! Both RR Express games… one is compliments of my wonderful employer, the other is compliments of the local group that takes care of our 911 equipment.. we are being honored with free baseball tickets for our service to the community via 911.  It’s pretty cool we get to go out on the field and everything.  I always look forward to it.

</baseball nerd>