Was watching episode 11 of this season of Scrubs ( “My Nah Nah Nah” for those wondering) catching up on my TV shows.  In this episode, Turk tries to help a man who has to come to terms with his sons permanent paralysis due to a car accident.  Every time Turk tries to tell him “your son is permanently paralyzed” the father brings up some other random fact about his son – obviously trying to desperately put off hearing the inevitable.

Justin came home halfway through the episode. I paused it and looked at him. “Hey baby, what would you do if our future teenage son wrecked his car and was paralysed from the neck down?”

He paused what he was doing, looked at me.

“Build a ramp to the front door.”

Forget all the problems that would have been possible.  He would build a ramp. I would freak out, mourn the possibilities lost, and he would build a ramp to the front door.  I would be a wreck, and he would handle it.

I love my husband.