Yesterday Justin and I were looking over finances, making sure we had enough money to pay the bills.  I logged onto Verizon wireless to figure out how much our bill was and was shocked to see it was 2x what it normally is, a scary number of $444.79!

I freaked out a bit, because the a day or two after my parents died I called Verizon and asked them to up my minutes from 700 to 1400 for a month or two, since I knew I was going to be on the phone a LOT more than usual.  Since I had done that, my inital thought was that I had failed to pay last months bill.  Made perfect sense since our bill is usually around 200.

Since I had to go to Verizon anyway and close out my parents accounts I thought it would be a good idea to go into the store an talk to them about my bill.  Two birds, one stone, etc.

So I go into the store and talk to this guy, we’ll call him Bobby since that was his name.  Bobby was a really nice guy and was VERY helpful.  I mentioned needing to check their voicemail since I had been having trouble locating all their bills and I thought I could see if they’d gotten any new calls “please pay us, etc.”

I thought he was just going to reset their passwords so I could check it at home, but he actually called their voicemails for me and handed me the phone.

I was not prepared for that. Not at ALL.

See, not only were their voicemails from unrelated stuff, but their were also voicemails on both their accounts from people calling wondering where they were.  There was one from the transplant company asking my Dad how the family was doing after Daryl’s death.  There was one of a family member crying on the recording.  I was really trying to control myself and my crying, but it was pretty obvious I was crying.  Justin came up to check on me and hand me some kleenex to blow my nose.  I finished listening to the voicemails and writing down important stuff on there (there had been a few things I needed to know).

After we finished all my parents account stuff I asked him about mine.  I told him I just wanted to make sure that the phones wouldn’t be disconnected before I could figure out a way to pay for them.  He said “Oh no ma’am, it looks like it will be fine, it’s not due till the 4th of April.”  I was like, how is that possible if I didn’t pay last month?  And he says “Ma’am it looks like this bill is high due to overages.”

I couldn’t help it. I started bawling. I was like “Noo, but I called and upped the miiinnuttesss” hiccuping and crying all the while. I was a mess. It was just too much.  I didn’t hear him, but according to Justin and Cory when I started wailing and crying like that, poor Bobby’s eyes got really big and he said “YES MA’AM YOU ARE RIGHT I’M SORRY” but it didn’t really calm me down.  It took me a minute to get my faculties back in order, still crying but at least able to communicate.  He said he was going to talk to his manager, he had to anyways for my parents accounts, and said that I didn’t need to worry about anything and that they were going to do the right thing and help us out.  He promised to call tomorrow (now, today) and let me know what the status was.

I cried all the way back to the car, but eventually calmed down.  It was CRAZY.  I haven’t freaked out in public like that… probably ever.

After a few hours we were able to joke about it.  Cory and Justin told me that I scared that poor man half to death, he did NOT know how to react to a wailing woman.

And as an update, he called me today and said that they were going to waive the overages so I wouldn’t have to pay them – I’m assuming they are just going to increase my minutes like I originally wanted.  God bless Verizon.

In retrospect, it’s kind of funny.  Wailing and scaring that poor man half to death. I can’t even imagine what he was thinking.  Ah, well.  C’est la vie.