Over the last week or two Quiznos has been advertising the million sub giveaway where they were going to give away 1 million subs. To qualify you had to fill out a short survey then they’d email you a coupon. Justin and I both did the surveys because I love Quiznos and their subs are generally too expensive to justify unless we have a little extra cash. I printed the coupons out, we had to use them by March 4th.

I always love a good deal, especially delicious free food. So imagine my surprise when I showed up at Quiznos last night, excited about my free delicious sandwich and see this sign:

“Due to Guest abuse through the system we are no longer accepting Million Sub Giveaway Certificates”

My shoulders sink. My taste buds scream at me. Nooo, just go ahead and get it, they cry. But I can’t, we don’t have room for it in the budget, not this week, and Justin and I slump out of the restaurant in defeat.

“Why, Justin?” I ask my husband, as we get back onto the road. “Why do people have to be like that? Why can’t they just be happy with their free sandwich and accept it? Why do they have to ruin it for everyone?”

“Because people saw an opportunity to get more of something and they took advantage of it. Because people are greedy and it’s just part of the human condition.”

I was pretty upset about it. Not just because I missed out on a yummy sandwich, but because it was a perfect example of people selfishly putting their wants and desires far above any thought of their fellow citizens.

Maybe they thought that they had the right to con Quiznos. Maybe they felt like the government had ripped them off in one way or another and they were going to get back at everyone by stealing from this company. I don’t know.

The thing is, part of the reason this county is in the state it’s in is because of greed. People can never get enough, never have enough, and they constantly strive for more and more and more without regard to the consequences to those around them. This makes people compromise their values, look the other way, and disregard the well-being of others.

I guess you could say I’m blowing this way out of proportion, but I’m tired of people being so selfish and greedy.

The greedy CEO’s and executives giving themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars…
the lobbyists working to make sure no real change happens in politics…
the senators and congressmen who continually vote themselves a raise…

They don’t affect me personally very much.

But punks who steal from Quiznos DO affect me.

So please, endeavor to consider the effects your greed can have on others. And more than that, consider the effect your kindness can have on those worn down by the savages of greed. I grow weary from all the darkness and hatred and greed in the world sometimes.  But every time I see kindness in the world I’m reminded that people, generally, aren’t really that horrible.

Charles Kuralt once said, “The everyday kindness of the back roads more than makes up for the acts of greed in the headlines.”

Let’s work to make that true.