Thus far, 2009 is shaping up to be the longest year ever.  We were struck with major car repairs in lieu of a road trip, and right after we got back from our mini-vacation (of sitting on our butts being broke) my husband and I both came down with the sickness that wouldn’t end.  He ended up in urgent care with breathing problems and pneumonia and I ended up with the worst cold I’ve ever had in my life.  We were bedridden for about a week and seriously, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone ever.  The fatigue hit and I couldn’t walk to the bedroom from the living room.  I slept a week of my life away.

However, the sun came back out and the world shined once more.  I recovered.  I’m still a bit weak, I’ve still got the sniffles, but I can work and move around again.  It’s been great.

I had planned on doing this with a little more discussion, however I think this will have to do.  In lieu of the economic troubles and cultural acceptance of debt, we’ve decided to get OUT of debt.  One of the things I’m going to do to encourage myself is post a brief synopsis of my debt each month – for two reasons. One is so I can have a record of it, but also to keep myself accountable. Right now Justin (my husband) and I are not putting anything on credit – we have moved to cash only.  Thanks to Uncle Sam we have a little bit of money in our “emergency fund” and while it’s not as big as Dave Ramsey would like, we’ll work at improving it while paying down the debt. 

We got into debt ourselves and with God’s help we’ll get out.  We are participating in a church-wide effort to get out of debt, and every $250.00 we pay off we get to declare it to the church by moving one marble from the “debt” container to the “debt-paid” container (our Pastor calls it Moving Marbles).  I decided only to count the amount we applied to the principle.  So you’ll see both.  You can take the journey with us and watch our debt shrink.  I’ll try to post periodically about things we are doing to pay our debt off and put them under my “finance” category.  And hopefully our journey will inspire others to get out from under the cloak of debt.

My BofA Card
Payment: $135.50
Applied to principal: $100.00
Remaining balance: $2,400.00

Justin’s BofA Card
Payment: $79.00
Applied to principal: 50.00
Remaining balance: $1598.66

Prosper Loan
Payment: $242.00
Applied to principal: $197.56
Remaining balance: $3,241.54

Netbank Card
Payment: $94.00
Applied to principal: $28.17
Remaining balance: $3,616.45

Total payments made: $550.50
Applied to principal: 375.73

Total debt remaining: $10,856.65