This morning, I decided to file my taxes. So I logged on to a site where if I put in a bunch of random numbers, it would calculate my taxes for me.

This afternoon, my husband took a break from work and called me on his cell phone – telling me that he had his W-2. He relayed the information over the airwaves and sent it to me while I was on a break.

I hopped back onto the Internet, where all the information I had previously input had been securely saved on a database in a different state. It pulled the information up quicker than if I’d been sitting in an office and the file had been in a cabinet. I added the final information needed to calculate my taxes.

Because I didn’t like the information that it calculated, I communicated frustration to my husband over text messaging. I took a break from that and read a few online comics, free and clever entertainment from people who 50 years ago would have never made it mainstream.

Once I had calmed down, I put my problem-solving hat on. I googled. I searched. I went to IRS.GOV. And I’ve somewhat figured out why we owe so much money. In the last several hours I’ve communicated, bettered myself – learned a bit more about taxes and spent a good amount of time gaining understanding I didn’t have before.

And, if all works out according to plan, my hard work and the technology at my fingertips will end up saving me a bit of money along the way.

You gotta love it.