“Hey, Jennet, I need some help.”
“Sure Detective, what’s up?”

“Well, here’s the case file [insert lots of mumbo-confidential-jumbo] and I need you to try to find this person’s picture from this other state.”

“Ok I will try – it’s gonna take me a while, most drivers license places don’t open till 8. It’ll be tough too, sometimes they get nervous about doing out-of-state stuff.”

“I know you can do it.”
“You know I can?”
“Sure, because you’re that kind of person. You care. It matters to you what happens to this person.”

I pause.

“Yeah detective! Way to guilt me into doing the dirty work.  I guess… well… check back with me at 8:30.”

“Thanks Jennet!”


UPDATE: Oh yes, I found the person’s picture. I love my job!