I’m taking an Ethics course for work and came across something that resonated strongly in me. It’s part of ethics that I personally don’t think about very often.  Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve ever considered “citizenship” as part of ethics, at least not consciously.  But this stopped me in my tracks.  It made me think about what I’m doing to assist my community. Obviously working for the Police Department fulfills some of that obligation, but should I be doing more? What, ethically, should I expect of myself? Food for thought.

“This pillar [citizenship] is one that seems to be greatly needed today. It sometimes seems that people are withdrawing from their communities into even smaller circles. However, this is not an option for the ethical person. The community is the source of structure, identity, and social services. It requires individuals to make it function and to preserve the fabric of the local society. Recognising that this duty must be fulfilled, the ethical person is obligated to be a part of the community and not simply be a drain on the community.  This goes beyond simply following the law.  All who share in the benefits of a community have, as citizens of that community, a civic duty to preserve that which they use.”

(taken from Ethics, Lesson 3, Josephson’s Six Pillars of Ethics, TCLEOSE)