I always loved Back to the Future, but it always gave me a headache to watch because I never could stop thinking about the little details. If they go back in time and change something, wouldn’t it have already happened in the future? And if you DID change something affecting your life, wouldn’t YOU then change? Your life experiences in this new world would have been different, ergo you would be different, which means you may never have had the experiences leading you to change the past….and on and on and on.  Luckily I’m not looking that far into things, just taking a glimse into my near future.

How will you be spending Christmas?
I’ll work in the morning for 6 hours, and then spend that afternoon unwrapping presents with Justin, Cory and Jake. That weekend my parents are hopefully coming down. If we can afford it, at some point that weekend I’d like to make it to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

How will you be spending New Years?
I don’t know yet. Since Cory and Jake are here I have a feeling we won’t just be sleeping like we did last year. There has been some discussion about a party at my cousins, or games, but I honestly don’t know. New Years was never a “huge” holiday for me.

What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?
Speed (as in rapid movement, not the drug).

What are your plans for 2009?
Get a chunk knocked out of our debt – if not eliminate it completely (it would be really really close for us to do that – slightly more realistic is 18 months) and GET myself HEALTHY.

Will you make any new years resolutions for 2009?
Don’t spend money I don’t need to spend.
Don’t eat things I don’t need to eat.
2009 will hopefully be a year of restraint.

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