Ahh, such exciting lives we lead… full of fond memories and great experiences. These are a few of my favorites (and a least-favorite or two) from 2008.

What was your favorite month of 2008?
August. I was getting comfortable at church, took my vacation with Teresa and the rest of the family to Florida, I got the mustang, got to spend a week with Robby and Aaron, went to the circus, watched a great PD/FD Baseball game… it was a BUSY month but I had a blast.

What was your favorite moment of the year?
I hate picking one, so you get my top few:

  • Having Robby and Aaron out to visit. I absolutely love those guys and miss them more than a little.
  • Finding a car guy (honestly, this really does top my list – I’ve needed one of these for YEARS)
  • Finding a church to call home.
  • Getting the mustang!!!
  • Riding the sky coaster at Schlitterbahn.
  • Paying off my Elantra!

What was your least favorite moment of the year?

  • Giving up Scrap and Pinky was definitely on the top of this list.
  • Getting pulled from training one of the girls that I work with was pretty tough.
  • NOT getting the supervisors job (although I didn’t really expect it, being told you’re not good enough is still a bum deal).

What was your favorite TV program?
House and Heroes (still).

What was the best book you read?
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Absolutely. I can’t WAIT for the next one to come out (April 7, 2009!!). One of the best fantasy books I’ve read in years. Which is funny because it came recommended to me by the author of Real Life Comics. I thought he was just plugging a friend to be nice, but no…it REALLY is THAT good. I highly recommend it.

What were your favorite films of this year?
In no particular order: Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Horton Hears a Who!, Tropic Thunder, and Hancock.

What was your favorite video game you played this year?
Fallout 3! But if I can ever get the hang of Fable II, it might have some competition.

What was your favorite new technology/application?

What was your greatest musical discovery?
Flobots was an amazing band for a few months of my life, but in the end we stopped listening to them. There were too many accusations against the government in their songs that we didn’t agree with. There were plenty of good things, good points, and uplifting points… but overall their flavor soured in our mouths over the months we listened to them. However, I still love their song “Anne Braden.” I also fell in love with Brooke Fraser’s music and still think she’s amazing. Her song “Without You” reminds me of my husband.

What was the best thing you bought?
The “best” thing? Hmm. How about THE MUSTANG?! That or my space heater. That thing is a lifesaver.

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